List of Accepted Talks

5. Ashley Montanaro. Quantum pattern matching fast on average

9. Fernando Pastawski and Beni Yoshida. Fault-tolerant logical gates in quantum error-correcting codes

12. Francois Le Gall. Improved Quantum Algorithm for Triangle Finding via Combinatorial Arguments
    abstract  arXiv:1407.0085

15. Masahito Hayashi. Estimation of group action with energy constraint
    abstract  arXiv:1209.3463

28. Stefan Baeuml, Matthias Christandl, Karol Horodecki and Andreas Winter. Limitations on Quantum Key Repeaters
    abstract   arXiv:1402.5927

31. Ryan O'Donnell and John Wright. Quantum Spectrum Testing

43. Toby Cubitt, David Elkouss, William Matthews, Maris Ozols, David Perez-Garcia and Sergii Strelchuk. Unbounded number of channel uses are required to see quantum capacity
    abstract  arXiv:1408.5115

45. Dave Touchette. Direct Sum Theorem for Bounded Round Quantum Communication Complexity and a New, Fully Quantum Notion of Information Complexity (Recipient of the QIP2015 Best Student Paper Prize)
    abstract   arXiv:1409.4391

47. Marco Piani and John Watrous. Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen steering provides the advantage in entanglement-assisted subchannel discrimination with one-way measurements
abstract  arXiv:1406.0530

49. Andrea Mari, Vittorio Giovannetti, Alexander S. Holevo, R. Garcia-Patron and N. J. Cerf. Majorization and entropy at the output of bosonic Gaussian channels. Previous Title: Quantum state majorization at the output of bosonic Gaussian channels (Plenary Talk)
    abstract  arXiv:1312.3545

54. Isaac Kim. On the informational completeness of local observables
    abstract   arXiv:1405.0137

63. Joseph Fitzsimons and Thomas Vidick. A multiprover interactive proof system for the local Hamiltonian problem (Plenary Talk)
    abstract  arXiv:1409.0260

69. Neil J. Ross and Peter Selinger. Optimal ancilla-free Clifford+T approximation of z-rotations (Plenary Talk)
    abstract   arXiv:1403.2975

71. Han-Hsuan Lin and Cedric Yen-Yu Lin. Upper bounds on quantum query complexity inspired by the Elitzur-Vaidman bomb tester
    abstract   arXiv:1410.0932

74. Nicolas Delfosse, Jacob Bian, Philippe Guerin and Robert Raussendorf. Wigner function negativity and contextuality in quantum computation on rebits
    abstract  arXiv:1409.5170

76. Michael Kastoryano and Fernando Brandao. Quantum Gibbs Samplers: the commuting case
    abstract  arXiv:1409.3435

77. Salman Beigi and Amin Gohari. Wiring of No-Signaling Boxes Expands the Hypercontractivity Ribbon
abstract   arXiv:1409.3665

78. Dominic Berry, Andrew Childs and Robin Kothari. Hamiltonian simulation with nearly optimal dependence on all parameters

86. Xiaotong Ni, Oliver Buerschaper and Maarten Van Den Nest. A non-commuting Stabilizer Formalism
    abstract   arXiv:1404.5327

MERGE: 89. Hector Bombin. Gauge colour codes WITH 90. Hector Bombin. Single-shot fault-tolerant quantum error correction (Plenary Talk)
    abstract-89   arXiv:1311.0879  abstract-90  arXiv:1404.5504

99. Henrik Wilming, Rodrigo Gallego and Jens Eisert. Universal operations in resource theories and local thermodynamics
    abstract  arXiv:1411.3754

103. Mario Berta, Omar Fawzi and Volkher Scholz. Quantum-proof randomness extractors via operator space theory
    abstract  arXiv:1409.3563

106. William Matthews and Debbie Leung. On the power of PPT-preserving and non-signalling codes
    abstract  arXiv:1406.7142

111. Rafael Chaves, Christian Majenz, Lukas Luft, Thiago O. Maciel, Dominik Janzing, Bernhard Schölkopf and David Gross. Information-Theoretic Implications of Classical and Quantum Causal Structures
    abstract   arXiv:1407.3800

115. Runyao Duan and Andreas Winter. No-Signalling Assisted Zero-Error Capacity of Quantum Channels and an Information Theoretic Interpretation of the Lovasz Number. Previous title: Zero-Error Classical Channel Capacity and Simulation Cost Assisted by Quantum No-Signalling Correlations
    abstract  arXiv:1409.3426

125. Fernando Brandao, Marcus Cramer and Madalin Guta. A Berry-Esseen Theorem for Quantum Lattice Systems and the Equivalence of Statistical Mechanical Ensembles

132. Adam Bouland and Scott Aaronson. Generation of Universal Linear Optics by Any Beamsplitter
    abstract   arXiv:1310.6718

MERGE: 137. Mehmet Burak Şahinoğlu, Dominic Williamson, Nick Bultinck, Michael Marien, Jutho Haegeman, Norbert Schuch and Frank Verstraete. Characterizing Topological Order with Matrix Product Operators WITH 176. Oliver Buerschaper. Matrix Product Operators: Local Equivalence and Topological Order
    abstract-137   arXiv:1409.2150    abstract-176

139. Ramis Movassagh and Peter Shor. Power law violation of the area law in quantum spin chains
    abstract   arXiv:1408.1657

147. Kirsten Eisentraeger, Sean Hallgren, Alexei Kitaev and Fang Song. A quantum algorithm for computing the unit group of an arbitrary degree number field (Plenary Talk)

151. Courtney Brell. Self-correcting stabilizer quantum memories in 3 dimensions or (slightly) less

154. Richard Cleve, Debbie Leung, Li Liu and Chunhao Wang. Near-linear construction of exact unitary 2-designs

174. Carl Miller and Yaoyun Shi. Universal security for randomness expansion. Previous title: Universal security for quantum contextual devices
    abstract   arXiv:1411.6608

189. Sergey Bravyi and Matthew Hastings. On complexity of the quantum Ising model
    abstract   arXiv:1410.0703

191. Joel Wallman and Steve Flammia. Randomized Benchmarking with Confidence

193. Bartek Czech, Patrick Hayden, Nima Lashkari and Brian Swingle. The information theoretic interpretation of the length of a curve

204. Dorit Aharonov, Aram Harrow, Zeph Landau, Daniel Nagaj, Mario Szegedy and Umesh Vazirani. Local tests of global entanglement and a counterexample to the generalized area law (Plenary Talk)